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International MBA: Innovation & Creativity Lab in Brunello Cucinelli

Innovation & Creativity Labs – designed and carried out in cooperation with global companies that represent excellence in innovation, business performance and organizational culture – are an unrepeatable and impactful experience in the learning process, and a distinctive feature of the International MBA at CUOA Business School. Students, through a fast-track and full-immersion teamwork, in close contact with companies’ management, are guided through a process boosting their analysis, creativity, organizational, leadership and communication skills. At the same time, Innovation & Creativity Labs represent, for the companies, a unique opportunity to receive a fresh and independent contribution, from a team of talented students, to priority and innovative projects.

Innovation & Creativity Lab in Brunello Cucinelli

2017, 4-6 April. CUOA students were in Solomeo for the second Innovation & Creativity Lab of the International MBA, experiencing life at Brunello Cucinelli, an iconic brand and a unique company, building competitiveness on excellence, and on a distinctive organizational culture.  What students said:

“The experience lived in Brunello Cucinelli was one of the best in my life, professionally speaking. The company is playing other league taking care about people, no matter if they are workers or not. All the employees are a big family in which the sense of belonging and trust is superb. I’m a witness of how a company that is coherent with it believes and moreover with a decision making process based on long term, can be a top player with absenteeism rate below 1% and people willing to work with blood sweet and tears to be the best”.
Leandro Costa 

“The experience in Brunello Cuccinelli was a unique one. The level of attention and success from a humanistic perspective is amazing. Dignity, legacy and family spirit are truly visible inside the company. From the natural lights to the noiseless environment; the working conditions are well suited for the employees. Moreover, the theater and library were an interesting way to cultural enlighten the employees. Investment in the refurbishment of Solomeo to maintain the cultural heritage is something to be appreciated. I am grateful to have had the chance to visit such a humanistic company”.
Michael K. Bek ele

“The three days in Solomeo was one of the experiences I will never forget for the rest of my life. With this, I have understood that there are different ways to manage a company and that investments on the employees are certainly not profitless. I have particularly appreciated the ways in which Brunello Cucinelli applies his philosophy not only in the company, but also in the surrounding territory, improving the life condition of a whole community”.
Andrea Forner

“The Innovation & Creativity Lab in Brunello Cucinelli was definitely amazing.
Brunello Cucinelli was astonishing, I’m still shocked if I think what and how they create from nothing. It’s a completely different way to do business, they do exactly the opposite compared to the competitors because for them it’s a matter of philosophy, culture, teamwork, respect of the people. It’s hard to find the words to describe this company, it’s an unforgettable experience that I suggest to everyone. Brunello Cucinelli changed my mind and I’m really looking forward the moment in which I’ll apply their management style”.
Mattia Trevisiol

“We had the pleasure to attend Innovation and Creativity lab in Brunello Cucinelli. The experience in Solomeo was truly priceless for the value that added to all of us. This is really a three-days experience of which CUOA has to be proud of and that the other business school should envy. We had the privilege to see a successful company totally different from our convictions, which bases its value always first on people, nature and beauty rather than money and profit. Brunello Cucinelli is a very effective company, it’s been an inspiring journey which gave us a lot of inputs. Hospitality was really unbelievable and this is aligned with their company profile. I believe that as soon as you are able to see things from different angles and opposite perspectives, you’ll learn more than you expected. This is what happened in Solomeo. I would really like to thank CUOA for this experience: I couldn’t give a price to what I received in those three days”.
Paolo Baratto